• Digital tools for creating climbing data
  • Publish and distribute climbing guides
  • Community based resources


  • Low cost strategy of project
  • Hobby based founder loves this project and will continue to support it
  • Made by users made by climber & developer



Climber's Routes is modern service for climbers and publishers of climbing guides. We create platform for complex climbing data and tools that make it easy to create and distribute them.

We are looking for partners that would like to help us to bring digital technologies into climbing. There are many ways for partnership:

  • Help us to publish climbing guides - create guides with our tools or publish guides you already created and reach climbers worldwide, earn money.
  • Sponsor us - connect your name with us to grow together.
  • Advertise with us - we can offer you short & long term advertising solutions for your services and products
  • Share your climbs - show your friend your climbing life and help us to add locations into our database.
  • Spread the word - let others know about our initiative and tools.
  • Invest - help us and join us - invest money or time.


Climber's Routes is small project of web developer and climber Marcel Zúbrik created and improved in free time with help of few friends.

What started as experiment and hobby is now project available to public with ambition to grow. Now, it's a service of my company Marcel Zúbrik - cw, later it should work as self-contained business.

Project is opened to partners and investors interested to help us to grow. More information on demand.

How we pay bills

At this moment, this project is financed entirely by its founder and developer. Plan is to diversify income from these sources - guide sales shares, advertisement, partherships - to make it financialy independent.
If you are interested in real numbers of money flow, you can find playful chart on top of the page - just move your mouse over some of the nodes.