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  • Climb

    Climb your routes and
    discover new ones.

    Find unknown routes. Discover new routes, sectors, areas, climbers, get inspired and meet new climbing experience. Join us and find new possibilities.

  • Track

    Track your progress,
    show new routes.

    We simplify climb tracking and with your help we create public database of climbing routes. For routes, Maps of routes and Guides.

  • Share

    Share what you climbed.

    With our tools, it's easy to create & share your routes, Maps of routes and Guides. Everything has address, that can be shared.
    Join us.

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What is Climber's Routes

Website for climbers

Find your route and climb it. After joining us you track your climb and share it. Find new climbers.

Find and study new line in Maps of routes. And climb it. Take a picture of what you climbed and mark your line on it. And it would be you who introduces to the world in new Map of routes.

Put your climbs on your blog or page. Monitor your stats. Improve. You have so many Maps of routes, that you decide to create and sell your climbing Guide.

Climbing community

We want to be site where climbers build open database of climbing routes by sharing routes they climbed. Join us now.

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See our News to see what's new. Follow us on Facebook, Google and Twitter. Get support on social networks or contact us directly. Share link to this project to help us.

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